• Lost and found Lost and found

    Lost and found

    Missed something? We can help.

    See our team's guidelines for recovering objects forgotten at the airport.

    If you have lost something at the airport, please send an email to Acheiseperdidos.vix@zurichairportbrasil.com informing date, time, place and brief description of the lost object.

    Our Agents will respond in sequence. After receiving the answer, the withdrawal must be made at the Information Desk.

    Open Hours: 08:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX (Monday to Friday).

  • Baggage care Baggage care

    Baggage care

    Everything you need to know about

    Know what you can't carry in your luggage and other precautions

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    • What can I not carry in my luggage?

      - Toys and objects that represent weapons
      - Neutralizing devices
      - Sharp, sharp objects or tools Explosive or incendiary substances and devices
      - Chemical and flammable substances
      - Liquids, aerosols and gels above 100ml
      - Blunt instruments

    • Hand baggage

      Q must also pass x-ray inspection. The list of prohibited items, which must always be disclosed by the airlines when purchasing the ticket and also at the check-in counters, must be observed by the passenger when preparing the luggage. When detected, prohibited items must be discarded at the time of inspection.

  • Minor Minor


    Are you boarding with a minor?

    For domestic and international departures of minors, it is important to always check what the Child and Adolescent Statute says, in addition to the requirements of the Childhood and Youth Court of the place of departure - especially in cases of travel with only one parent or unaccompanied.

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    • trip with parents

      It is necessary to present the birth certificate (original or certified copy) or identity document.

    • Travel with a responsible person

      A signed and notarized authorization of the missing parents is required, in two copies. It is also necessary to present original RG or Birth Certificate or a certified copy (for international flights, passport is mandatory and RG must be original)

    • unaccompanied trip

      It is necessary to present judicial authorization from the parents and a birth certificate (original or certified copy) or identity document. Check the service with your airline.

  • Transport of Animals Transport of Animals

    Transport of Animals

    How do I board a pet?

    If you plan to travel with your pet, check the rules for transport.

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    • Dogs and cats

      They can be authorized inside or in the hold of the aircraft. A muzzle may be required depending on size. Mandatory health certificate issued by a veterinarian registered with the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine (CRMV).

    • wild species

      The Animal Transit Guide - GTA issued by a veterinarian authorized by MAPA or by the executing agency of health defense in the states and authorization from the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Resources (Ibama) is required.

    • other species

      The Animal Transit Guide - GTA will be requested. It must be issued by a veterinarian authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment (MAPA) or by the executing agency for health protection in the states.

  • traveling abroad traveling abroad

    traveling abroad

    everything you need to know

    To avoid suffocation and not let anxiety get in the way, the tip is to start planning your first international trip in advance!

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    • Pharmaceutical products

      The entry of medicines into other countries may be subject to sanitary inspection. So don't forget your doctor's prescription. Remember to take it preferably in your hand luggage, kept in the original box.

    • Vaccines

      Always keep your vaccination card up to date. Depending on the conditions of your trip, other vaccinations may be recommended.

    • Products of plant and animal origin

      Industrialized plant-based products, beverages (teas, juices and soft drinks), chocolates, coffees and olive oils, for example, have free entry into the country.

  • Documents Documents


    What documents are needed?

    When preparing for the trip, check the necessary personal documentation, including that of accompanying persons, especially if they are minors.

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    • Necessary documents

      All embark with a valid official document with photo (ID or passport, for example). Children under 12 years old can use valid photo ID or birth certificate (original or certified copy).

    • International flights

      For International Flights, do not forget to check the requirements of the destination Country - such as minimum passport validity, entry or transit visa, vaccination certificate, among others - in order to avoid possible inconvenience.

  • Parking Parking


    Pay with the QR Code printed on the ticket and avoid queues

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    The parking operation is carried out by Vitória Airport. In addition to the identified payment locations, you can avoid queues by pointing your cell phone at the QR Code printed on the ticket itself.

    Opening hours: 24 hours                        

    Grace Period:    05 minutes 

    Up to 01 hour R$ 15,00
    Up to 04 hours R$ 25,00
    Up to 06 hours R$ 35,00
    Up to 01 night R$50,00
    Up to 02 nights R$ 90,00
    Up to 03 nights R$ 120,00
    Up to 06 nights R$ 160,00
    Up to 10 nights R$ 200,00
    Up to 15 nights R$ 300,00
    Up to 30 nights R$ 400,00 
    * After 06 hours of stay, 01 night is charged.        
    ** After a cycle of up to 30 nights, the charge will be increased from 01 night.
    *** The current refund amount will be charged in case of loss of the card. 

    Payment: with credit, debit and cash cards

    Click here and register as a monthly member.

  • Lost Baggage Lost Baggage

    Lost Baggage

    know your rights

    In case of lost luggage, report the fact immediately, as soon as you notice the problem. This communication (called a protest) must be carried out at the counter of the airline or its representative, preferably in the arrivals hall or at a place indicated by the airline.

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    • Deadline for return

      In case of loss, the company will have up to 7 days to find and return the luggage, in the case of domestic flights, and up to 21 days in the case of international flights. If the luggage is not returned within these periods, the company must indemnify the passenger within 7 days.

    • Refund

      When luggage is lost, the passenger who is away from his home will be entitled to receive reimbursement from the airline for emergency expenses, for the period in which he is without his luggage. Airlines are responsible for defining the form and daily limits for reimbursement.

  • Accessibility Accessibility


    Passengers with special needs

    Who are? What are your rights?

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  • Delays and Cancellations Delays and Cancellations

    Delays and Cancellations

    See your rights

    In addition to immediately informing its passengers of flight delays and cancellations, the airline must keep the passenger informed every 30 minutes regarding the estimated flight departure in the event of delay.

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    • Your rights

      Any change to the flight schedule and itinerary (example: change from a direct flight to a stopover or connecting flight) must be informed to the passenger within 72 hours before the original flight date.

    • Delays and Cancellations

      see your rights


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